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Agriculture Services

Heartland Credit Union is one of the most experienced credit union providers of agricultural loans in the nation.

Our specialized financing is tailored to meet your unique needs, as you can see in this great example of our lenders in action. Let our dedicated team work for you. Heartland knows farms. That’s why we were happy to help when Bill and Michelle Eaton wanted to pass on the family business to a new generation.


Real Estate

Allow us to help you improve your operation. Whether it’s purchasing land, refinancing your existing property or doing some real estate improvements, Heartland Credit Union has competitive rates that will give your operation either a short-term or, with the Farmer Mac II program, a long-term, fixed rate solution.

Farm Personal Property

Whether it’s for machinery, livestock or other capital expenditures, our loans allow for maximum flexibility allowing you to meet the needs of your operation.

Operating Lines of Credit

Lines of credit allow you to access cash when you need it. Whether it’s for crop inputs, feed, feeder cattle, operating expenses or other seasonal costs.

Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guaranteed Loans

Allow our lenders to determine if you are eligible for one of the various FSA programs that exist. FSA loan programs include:

  • Real Estate G-FO
  • Farm Personal Property G-OL
  • Operating G-LOC

Checking and Savings Options

We provide a variety of checking and savings options that will meet the needs of your operation.

Preserving Rural America

For many years, the installment sale was the way farms were transferred to new generations. The problem: Enormous tax consequences for everyone and unrealistic expectations for farm cash flow. At Heartland, we believe farmers have the right to control their own destinies – both for their families and their land.

That’s why succession plans are so important. The right plan lets farmers have the best of all worlds:

  • Enough money for comfortable retirement
  • Minimal tax burden for both sellers and buyers
  • Reduced need for farm cash flow after the sale
  • A fair distribution for all members of the family

But not all estate plans are created equal. Heartland’s Preserving Rural America program is succession planning designed specifically for farmers, and we’d love to tell you more about it. Send an email to Robin Marohn to take the first step.

Farm Fresh Atlas

Heartland annually helps underwrite the Farm Fresh Atlas, the one place to find locally grown and produced food in Southern Wisconsin.

Farm Fresh Atlas

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