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Apple Pay

Your payments and your credit/debit card information belong to you. Apple Pay provides a private, secure and simple way to pay in stores and within apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Apple Pay?
Apple Pay is a payments feature integrated into the Wallet® app on your iOS device that lets you add Heartland credit/debit cards to Apple Pay to make purchases at participating retailers in stores, using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, or in app.

Q: How does Apple Pay work?
To add your eligible Heartland credit or debit cards to Apple Pay, follow the Apple Pay instructions. Apple Pay provides the same benefits and protection as your physical card, with the convenience of making secure transactions on your iOS device. Use Apple Pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted and to make purchases in app with participating apps. For additional details, see the Apple Pay instructions.

Q: Which of my devices are compatible with Apple Pay?
You can use Apple Pay in stores on your iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6S, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® 6S Plus, and Apple Watch™ with compatible iPhone 5 or later. Apple Pay can also be used in-app with your iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6S, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® 6S Plus, iPad Air™ 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini™ 4.

Q: How do I get Apple Pay on my device?
Apple Pay is integrated into the Wallet app, which comes pre-installed on your eligible iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6S, iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone® 6S Plus, iPad Air® 2, iPad Pro®, iPad mini® 3, and iPad mini® 4. You will be given an opportunity to configure Apple Pay upon setup of your new device. If you already have established an iTunes® account, the credit card that is on file will be made available to you to immediately upon Apple Pay setup. You will have the ability to add additional eligible Heartland credit or debit cards using the iSight® camera to instantly capture your card details or by entering them manually. Please note, Apple Pay on the Apple Watch will not be set up through Wallet. You can load your Heartland cards to the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone. An alert will be displayed on the watch upon card activation.

Q: How do I pay using Apple Pay?
In-Store Purchase
To make an in-store purchase with your iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6S, iPhone® 6 Plus, or iPhone® 6S Plus, just hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger while holding down Touch ID™. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm the transaction is complete. To make an in-store purchase with your Apple Watch, double-click the side button and hold the face of your device near the contactless reader. A gentle pulse and tone confirm that the transaction is complete. Please note: You may be asked to enter the PIN for the card you are using.

In-App Purchase
To make a purchase in-app with your iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 3, or iPad mini 4, select Apple Pay as the payment option in the app and place your finger on the Touch ID.

Q: Is there a fee associated with using a Heartland card with Apply Pay?
There is no cost for Apple Pay from Heartland; however, an active data plan is required. Based on your wireless plan and mobile carrier’s offering, additional message and data charges may apply. Heartland’s credit and/or debit card terms apply to purchases. Heartland Credit Union does not charge any fees to add your credit or debit card to Apple Pay.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay outside of the United States?
As long as you’re shopping at a participating retailer, Apple Pay will work outside of the U.S. Based on your wireless plan and mobile carrier’s offering, additional message data charges and foreign transaction fees may apply.

Q: Can an Apple Pay token be used for recurring charges, subscriptions or bills (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)?
This service is not currently available.

Q: What is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology?
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that allows two devices to exchange payment information quickly and conveniently at close proximity. Apple Pay uses NFC technology to transmit payment information from your phone to the contactless payment terminal.

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