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Loyalty Points


Loyalty Points — the more you use your credit union, the more points you earn!

Loyalty Points are our way of thanking you for choosing Heartland Credit Union.  As a cooperative, Heartland Credit Union works most efficiently when members make the most use of our services. With Loyalty Points, the more you use Heartland for your borrowing and banking needs, the more points you’ll earn.  And, the more benefits you receive.

What are Loyalty Points?
You earn LPs based on your relationship with the credit union.  The more accounts and services you use, the more points you earn. Your use of the credit union will put you into one of four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The more products and services you use the higher up your ranking. And, the more benefits you receive. Loyalty Points are free to all members and they are automatically calculated at the beginning of each month.

How many Loyalty Points do I have?
You must be enrolled in online banking to view your Loyalty Points.  To view your points, log into online banking and click on the “points banner.”  If you are not enrolled in online banking, visit our home page and fill in your member number in the username box and follow the set-up instructions.

How do I use Loyalty Points?
Use LPs to purchase LP Checks, Heartland coffee mugs and more.  Call Heartland at 800.362.3944 or, complete and submit this order form and we’ll take care of the rest!

We’ll be adding to our LP Catalog as time goes on, so be sure to check back!

View our Loyalty Points Catalog
Heartland Credit Union reserves the right to modify or terminate the Loyalty Points program including changes to accruing, redemption and expiration of Loyalty Points. Causing a loss to the credit union will result in the forfeiture of all Loyalty Points. This information is subject to change without notice and other restrictions may apply. Please Note: We will not ship Loyalty Points items.

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